Should You Install Gutter Covers?

I guess that depends whether or not you like to get on a ladder to remove the leaves that are constantly filling your gutters. In the fall, here in costal Virginia gutters need to be cleared out every 4 weeks if not sooner to keep them flowing. 

Once they get clogged and it begins to rain, the problems begin to compound. Debris keeps water from reaching the downspouts and forces it into areas you don’t want water.

In a perfect world I’d have to say yes, you need to install gutter covers. The only reason I can think of for having clean gutters is prevention of serious damage from to rot. 

Clogged gutters can cause water to backup and drain into your eaves. The water has nowhere to go and sits for extended periods of time. This moisture cause fascia boards or eaves to rot. In extreme cases, water may find its way into the walls of your home causing mildew or worse, mold inside your walls.

If you need some gutters cleaned or like to push the easy button and install gutter covers and never worry about cleaning gutters again, push the easy-button and call Neptune Clean!

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