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Pressure Washing Virginia Beach

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Pressure Washing In Virginia Beach

House Soft Wash

Vinyl siding, Hardi Plank, brick, painted brick, wood.

Gutter Cover Installation

We install high quality gutter covers so you never have to worry about cleaning gutters ever again. 

Roof Soft Wash

Low pressure application of a metered cleaning solution. Amazing Results!

Wood Restoration

We restore decks and fences to their natual appearance.

Driveway surface cleaning

Pressure washing driveways, side walks, patios, pool decks, and more.

Gutter Cleaning

Removal of tiger-stripping on powder-coated extruded aluminum gutters. 

Why Soft Wash in Virginia Beach?

No Pressure Damage

No harmful high impact cleaning

Environmentally Friendly

biodegradable and uses less water

Long Lasting

Last 4 to 6 times longer than pressure washing

Track Record

Soft wash is now the industry standard

Proven Results

Actually treats the cause of stains

Pressure Washing In Virginia Beach

Neptune Clean’s mission is to be the best pressure washing company in Virginia Beach. Our technicians are highly trained professionals that understand what it takes to clean any material surface. If it can be cleaned, we can clean it. We love pressure washing in Virginia Beach and strive for 5 star reviews on every job.

When it comes to pressure washing in Virginia Beach, one of the most difficult situations that arise when cleaning vinyl or composite material siding is oxidation. Oxidation is not dirt or other organic material. Oxidation is a failure of the material finish that will cause a homes siding to look spotty or dull. 

Not to say that oxidized finishes don’t get dirty, they do and we can clean the organic matter from the home. Since oxidation is not dirt but a failure of the finish itself, cleaning will not repair this. To remove oxidation, the entire surface must be scrubbed or “buffed” out just like an old car’s finish. This is extremely labor intensive especially when you’re talking about a 2 or 3 story home.

The best remedy is prevention. We offer a wax protectant when cleaning that helps to protect the vinyl or composite material finish. Oxidation will occure over time, there is no stopping that but regular cleaning and our wax additive will ensure your finish last a good long time. Click the link for Instant Quotes on pressure washing in Virgina Beach.

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