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DIY Titan Hose Reel Install

I began this Titan hose reel install journey about 2 months ago when I started looking for the reels. Originally I wanted two 18” Titan hose reels but they were next to impossible to find due to the global supply chain disruption that is happening in 2021. Since I wanted electric, stainless-steel reels, my choices were limited to a couple top brands and Titan was my first choice.

 I researched several different brands and all of them were backordered. I would imagine that it is the raw materials that’s holding up everything. The price of metal has skyrocketed due to this global, COVID induced, supply chain issue. The manufacturers just can’t get the raw materials they need to produce the products they sell.

 After some thought, I decided there are probably not many people looking for the larger size Titan hose reels. To my surprise I was correct. I found two, 22-inch Titan hose reels and quickly purchased them. I’m still waiting for the Titan stack kit to complete the Titan hose reel install and hopefully it will arrive the beginning of 2022. Once I complete the Titan hose reel install I’ll still be waiting on the chemical hose that is also on backorder.

Titan Hose Reel Install with Guide and Stack Kit

Titan hose reel for soft wash system

To begin the Titan hose reel install, I had to remove the NorthStar hose reel that holds my 4gpm pressure washer hose. Since I’m planning on running with two crews this summer, this hose reel and the 4gpm pressure washer will be relocated back to the small trailer I started with.

 The process for the Titan hose reel install was simple. Mount the hose reel to the deck of my flatbed, run a battery wire to the hose reel and that’s about it.

 My first task was to install a power distribution block (PDB) on the truck’s flatbed and run a wire from the battery to the PDB. The PDB has 4 studs that allow you to add other 12v devices such as a transfer pump for pumping SH into my holding tank.

New Titan hose reel unboxed

I mounted the PDB to the vertical flatbed wall that protects the truck cab in a place that we semi-protected to minimize the chances of something coming into contact and shorting it out.

 Next, we ran a wire from the battery to the PDB to provide the necessary power. The Titan hose reel install required 6-gauge wire, so we had to crimp on the correct size eyelets and put some heat-shrink tube over the connection to protect it from the elements. The wire from the battery to the PDB was customer made and so was the wire from the PDB to the Titan hose reel.

New Titan hose reel unboxed

The hot wire from the PDB is connected to the Titan hose reel solenoid which sends the power to the motor when the button is pushed. This is a simple hookup once you know which side of the solenoid gets the hot wire.

Once the reels are secured to the flatbed deck using stainless steel bolts, washers and locknuts, the wire can be connected safely. That about all there is to the Titan hose reel install. Next, I had to remove the old 4gpm pressure washer and get it ready to install on my little 4’x8’ trailer. That little one-man setup can produce $600 per day easily so I’d be a fool to not get that up and running for the 2022 season.

Be sure to check out the video of the entire process embedded at the top of this page. It’s a little long but worth the watch. Also, be sure to check out my DIY Downstream Injector Box Build.

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